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Jewelry & Watches

Commercial jewelry photographer

Jewelry & Watches - To capture the subtle details of a shiny watch or a sparkling diamond requires a lot of experience and a lot of patience. Using some commercial photography techniques including HDR, expsoure blending and focus stacking along with good 'ol fashion creativity, Big Sun will provide images which reflect the quality of your product.

Clothing & Fashion

Denver clothing and fashion photographer

Clothing & Fashion - Good looking clothing only looks good when it's been photographed properly.  A $500 gown still looks like pile of cloth unless it's been displayed and lit with the creative and skilled eyes of a commercial photographer.

We work with manikins, hangers and live models to produce imagery that will bring the customers running.  Using green screen composites we can even put your clothing products in a location that better represents its use (example: a bathing suit looks better when the model is on a tropical beach).

Medical Equipment

Medical Product Photography in Denver

Medical Equipment and Services - Product images for the medical community require a special type of photography.  Unlike most products which are being sold to the general public, medical devices and equipment are generally being marketed to other companies.  The photographer must focus more on functionality and feature details than other product lines which may wish to focus more on the aesthetic or emotional components.

Big Sun has provided quality medical product photography for use in user manuals, websites, convention presentations and more.  

Arts & Crafts

Photographer specializing in arts and crafts

Arts and Crafts - Hand crafted arts take time and skill.  You've worked hard to produce your crafts, so let Big Sun provide product photos that will inspire your customers to make the purchase.  

Good imagery is particularly important for unique items where people have nothing familiar to reference.

Food & Edibles

Denver Restaurant and Food photographer

Food and Edibles - People eat with their eyes as well as their tongues.  

Restaurants and vendors of edible products need perfect looking images of their food.  Even the slightest color cast or exposure issue can make fresh food look old and delicious food look inedible. Turn to Big Sun for your food photography and styling.  

We can bring our equipment directly to your location so your products look their very best.

Spa & Beauty

Spa and Beauty Product Photographer

Spa and Beauty - Organic, natural and healthy.  These are words most often associated with spa and beauty products.

When it comes to selling retail products online you need to make sure the customer "SEEs" organic, natural and healthy in your photos.  Beuatiful layouts with meaningful props are the key to making your creams and potions look as good as they work.

Coins & Collectibles

Professional Coin and Collectibles photography

Coins and Collectibles - The business of coin collection, selling and exchange is based very much on the condition of the coin itself.  In order to properly represent that quality you need professional images which correctly represent color, shows the wear (or the lack of), and still presents the coin in an attractive fashion.

We use professional grade equpment and studio lighting to ensure that your coin is displayed in the best possible manner.

Consumer Goods

Commercial Photographer | Consumer goods

Consumer Products - Whatever you sell, Big Sun can make it look better.  If you're selling on Ebay or Amazon then you have already seen that the big sellers have professional images of their products while the little guy just steal thumbnails from other sites.  

Consumers know the difference and will make a decision about the quality of your product or service based on that impression.  Make sure you are competing with the big boys.

Florists & Nurseries

Floral Photography for Florists and Nurseries

Florists and Nurseries - If you are in the business of selling plants and flowers, you understand that to compete you must have healthy plants in addition to unique bouquets and floral arrangements.  Your average "snapshot" photo is going to do more to keep people away from your store than to bring them in.  

We LOVE doing floral photography.  We use very specialized lighting equipment and techniques specific for the best possible floral photo results.  For your website, posters, signs and more.  Quality photography for florists and nurseries can do wonders to increase your business.

Industrial Equipment

Industrial Photographer | Denver Colorado

Industrial - Big Sun can provide professional commerical photoraphy on location for your industrial products and/or system implementation.  It's a great way to improve marketing and show how your product functions in a real world environment.

Art Reproduction

Digital reproductions of paintings, drawings and flat art

Art Reproduction - If you are trying to sell your paintings, drawings or sculpture online, then you already know how important it is to have quality photos representing your work.  If you've already tried it yourself, then you know it's not an easy task.  

You've put a lot of work into your art.  Don't cut corners now that it's time to market your efforts.

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Image Quality

Big Sun Product Photography knows that an important part of creating a successful photograph of your product involves capturing the actual image, conveying subtleties and textures in the product's materials, and maintaining color fidelity. Our photos are taken using carefully color balanced strobes and digital high resolution capture up to 36 mega pixels.

Affordable Commercial Photography

While high quality marketing methods may be out of your budget, high quality photographs are not.  Our affordable pricing makes certain that the most important part of your advertising campaigns (ie: your product photos) are well within your reach.  Now, any "Ma & Pa" vendor can afford professional photographs by a skilled commercial photographer.